Long Lost Friends

Squad No.
Birthday 1st January 1988
Age 34

Matt “Kiwi Matt” Hardwick

Hard by name, hard by nature. Once jumped into the pool mid game to protect Brenhan. Now living in Singapore. Very Kiwi.


Duncan “TJ” Horn

Probably the best TJ ever. Will forever be remembered fondly for bringing us pizza, right when we needed pizza, and this:

Matt “Higgy” Higgins

Still a regular at socials and the odd tour. Now plays proper rugby for a proper team. May come back and grace us once more. Got so smashed on the “Tasting the Rainbow” tour that he failed to make the first two games… will never live it down.


Alan “El Presidente” Stitt

Now playing for Avondale due to location. Once coached us and is an ex-President of the club.


Tom Bentley

Currently entertaining “The Sheikh” out in Dubai. Prefered hockey to polo. Unforgivable really.


Andrew Winterbotham

Back from building powerstations in deepest, darkest Kazakhistan and his photo proudly addorns our front page. One of the very few keepers in the club to have managed a clean sheet much to the chagrin of the author of this biog.


Andy Collis

Another keeper who’s knees forced him out of the game. It’s tough as a keeper I tell you.


Andy Glyn

Retired due to injury but is the current president of the London League, sits on our playing committee, referees and is an all round good egg.


Dave “Boo Boo” Jordan

Was our TJ for a while, somewhat overshadowed by previous encumbants though. Stopped playing due to work committments.


Trevor “Bish Bash” Moss

Was last seen on a ‘Gentlemans Lunch’ in the city. Famous for his somewhat industrial approach to playing polo and for effectively funding the club for ten years out of his own pocket.


Paul “Poo Muncher” Middleton

Still attends the odd ‘Gentlemans Lunch’ in town. Now awash with children and struggles to find the time to play. Infamous for missing the target by a country mile and annoying Germans.