Stu Harwood

Squad No. 7
Birthday 13th October 1983
Age 38
Name Stu Harwood
Nickname(s) Flange. الشيخ. Mowgli, Sheikh Abu bin Harwood
Awards Where’s Wally? 2015 (elect)
Height Mowglish
Weight Mowglish
Position Up and down, left and right
2014 Appearances 24
2014 Goals 39
2014 Majors 9
Brutality Rating 0.2
Alcohol Liability 3/10 – normally deserts us to talk to girls and steal their clothes…
Biog Stu was known for his trademark one on one waggle before missing the goal completely. Has fallen out with pretty much every coach we’ve ever had. Now living the dream in Dubai where he was recently refused an alcohol license for looking ‘too muslim’.