Stats Update #1

Hello and welcome to the new (and “improved”) statistical update for 2015. As well as including all the old favourites such as the relegation zone, brutality rating and the newly coined (and terribly PC) “Where’s Wally”, we have also included the Normalised Goals category, which lets you know as a percentage how much you have contributed to the goals tally, and the “Fluffer Award”. This award will rotate with the Moment of the Match award depending on whether we have a good or bad game…

Two games into the season and two games of differing fortunes. The season opener was a resounding 20-2 victory over Blue Marlin. Nick ‘Hot Shot’ Shute already staking his claim to top scorer. Given the oppositions preference to play a 5-0-1 formation we had to work hard to break them down defensively following a 9-1 first quarter lead. Man of the Match was given to Mr. Harwood, recognising his 5 goal contribution and the fact that it was his last Narwhals game before disappearing off to Dubai. Phil ‘hitting the post still counts’ Richards was the initial winner of the fluffer award, however, given Mr. Harwood’s inability to correctly call a time out, he was directly responsible for both goals – as such he succeeds in winning the first double whammy of the year!!

Yesterdays game vs. Avondale was a very different story. Despite having an 8 goal head start, we went down to 17-10, despite being level at the end of the third quarter. Unfortunately fitness showed and we were swum out of the pool. Even so, Floater continued his fine form of hitting everything but the netting and there were periods where we defended well – limiting them to two goals in the 2nd quarter – being one highlight. Man of the match was awarded to Finchy as his keeping kept us in the game for at least three quarters. I successfully attained the Fluffer – thanks to looking like I’d been royally rodgered by their pit defender.

Stats sheet attached. Until next time – Forza Narwhali!!


Ps. If anyone has any mates that would like to play polo, get them along.