2016 – Season Re-Cap

Sorry for the delay gents, but as we approach the end of the year, I am now happy to provide the end of season stats report: end-of-season

This year saw a lot of success – one league trophy, a Tom Dwyer Cup penalty shoot-out win, a classic tour, some decent socials and the Narwhals first foray into Hollywood. Not only that but we had an extremely successful Christmas dinner that ended with Turbo Shandies in Bad Apple – what more could you ask for? Perhaps the 2nd best new “B-log” of 2016 – Floaters Poo Corner!!

I also realise we have a match report missing. Sadly our last game of the season ended in a 12-10 defeat to Guildford where we conceded 7 goals in the 3rd quarter… Other highlights included a Gamble hatrick, Finch Snr coming out of goal and not scoring, and Rob’s mum offering us “support”… The customary awards gave Man of the Match to Ed “superstar” Gamble, Moment to Matt “Double save” Finch and Fluffer to Matt “can’t score, won’t score” Finch. Maddies went to Phil “who?” Richards, Zac “better than his dad” Finch, Matt “goalless” Finch and Charles “sorry my mum won’t let me play” King-Tenison. Here is a picture:


Now for the Christmas Dinner.

A great evening had by all. A slightly left field choice of Christmas Curry was delightful – even the shine of the evening couldn’t be ruined by the appearance of Tom “Lash Monster” Walklate!! And now in no particular order… the awards…

Top Scorer (Golden Hand): Dan Bedford (85 goals)

Catas Trophy (Thug): John Holah (31)

Club Man (the Thanks for Trying award): Nick Shute

Man of the Year (most MoM’s): 1. Dan Bedford (8) 2. Andy Ogg (4) 3. Gamble, Holah, Shute & Finch (3)

Magic Moments: 1. Shute (9) 2. Gamble (8) 3. Bedford (6)

Fluffer: 1. Matt Finch (6) 2. Tadija (5) 3. Rob (4)

Where’s Wally: 1. Chris Mann (7) 2. Phil Richard (6) 3. Gamble (5)

Hardest Life outside of Polo: Simon “C3P-ooooohhhhh my Back” Tidy

Signing of the Season: Rob “6hr Tour” Loveless

Southern Rail Award for Incompetence: Matt “do we have a game this week?” Finch

team phantastic-phil

Thanks for a great 2016 guys!!

Forza Narwhali!!!