What happened again?

Apologies for how late this post is… I have been very busy digging caves and destroying rings and so haven’t had much time to “mine” the depths of the stats report. As a result I am struggling to actually remember what happened in the game… although to be honest, that’s probably a good thing!!

October 27th Stats

October 18th saw a Narwhals team low on fitness and match practise come up against Avondale 2’s. Thankfully Nick “20/20” Shute had recovered from his eye surgery and so was actually able to find the pool (on time). The first quarter was slow and painful (2-2) with an equally awful second quarter (1-2) leaving us a goal down at halftime. The 3rd quarter went terribly as we shipped 5 counter attack goals without response and finally we finished the 4th (2-2). As a result we sadly lost the game 11-5. A not so perfect way to start the Thames League season…

From what I can remember, the high(low)-lights were as follows:

  • Phil “Daddy” Richards was wildly off target with none of his shots going anywhere near the goal
  • Andy “Spring Break” Ogg bagged himself 4 goals
  • Finch Snr missed a sitter
  • Charles “poorly leg” K-T couldn’t make the game as he had got lost in Portugal
  • He was joined by no less than 7 other Narwhals…
  • Nick “eye of Sauron” Shute got sent out twice. So violent…
  • We were very poor…

As a result, the awards this week were:

  • Man of the Match: Unanimous vote for Andy Ogg
  • Moment of the Match: R.O.N (so poor…)
  • Fluffer: Phil and Finch Snr share the responsibility – both for some dreadful misses

Only positive from last week was that we finally got a new member to the Narwhals family. Mr. Richards can confirm that mini-Richards will be at training next week and will start paying his subs with immediate effect. That will be one hell of a kitty… Other positive is that Baby Phil now shares his birthday with a certain stats report writing dwarf…

Forza Narwhali!!