One for the Fans

Hello all,
Following some on-going technical difficulties with the website, I have only just managed to get on and upload last weeks stats. Please find the stats for the Kingston game below…
Last week saw us lose 12-6 to Kingston – we had some great moments (winning the third quarter 4-0) and some terrible ones (the other three quarters). Lets hope we can sort it all out come next week vs. Sutton. (flash forward – we did…)
Man of the Match this week went to Tadija for a great goal and some fantastic assists. He also shares Moment of the Match with Nick for their great goal which put us on the front foot to dominate that third quarter. Fluffer had some stiff competition – both Finches getting in on the action, but the winner this week was Simon “static attack” Tidy for (and I quote Finchy here) his “horrific” miss. Can’t say I remember it and I am fairly sure it was Bedford, but my vote doesn’t count – work harder to score next time Simon!!
Stats wise, Dan extends his lead in the goal scoring charts whilst Rob “new boy” Loveless has chalked up his first goal of the season. It’s pretty packed in the middle of the table, but John “Punchy” Holah has pushed ahead in the Major king stakes.
Until next time – Forza Narhwali!!
Now maddy club (avec SpongeRob…)
IMG_3023Sponge Bob

Brave little soldiers

Hello all – following a minor technical issue, here are the stats from last week for you all to enjoy!!

March 18th Stats

Last Wednesday saw the mighty Narwhals go into battle with Croydon 1’s in the Tom Dwyer Handicap trophy. With a 12 goal head start, we managed to hang on for a 16-13 victory which resulted in Bedford swimming around with the ball for most of the 4th Quarter – much to Croydon’s annoyance. Rarely has a victory been so satisfying, a particularly irate Amphibs player was even heard to say “Come on guys, we’re making them look good!!”

And we looked bloody good!!

This week Finchy won the triple crown, with MoM (for some great keeping), Moment (for his penalty save) and Fluffer (for another dreadful pass). He was joined on Fluffer by Bedford – three votes each – for a terrible miss… Dan has already promised that he will work hard never to fluff again. How often have we heard this promise? Ask Phil “Fluffer” Richards for more details…

Last week was also a highlight for the number of brave little soldiers we had turn up. Special mention to Tim for coming down to do the table despite injury, but we also had Bedford and his infected eye and Chris Mann with some poorly abs. We did lose Tadija to injury though – and he got a maddy for his troubles – although at least he knew how to pull out… (hey finchy…)
Wednesday also saw new boy Rob Loveless cap his first game for the mighty narwhals with a 4th quarter major, narrowly missing that debut maddy… We need to get you a nickname soon!!
Stats wise, Bedford leads the way with 26 goals and is closely followed by Nick on 22. It is tight at the top for major king – with Gary and John both on 7, and myself and Nick just behind on 6. It’s all to play for!!
Until next time – Forza Narhwali!!!

Triple Hatricks and Geriatrics

Another Friday and another stats report…

March 4th Stats

Wednesday saw us take on Blue Marlin in the Thames Side League. The mighty Narwhals emerged victorious in a 20-11 victory. The game was a mixed bag, where at time we showed some great counter-attacking play but then shot ourselves in the foot with some terrible defending. Fitness and awareness was our Achilles heel this week, and if there three players on the bench, we should swap out. If you are too tired to track back, get out. That being said, we did play very well at times – but we shouldn’t have let Blue Marlin score 11.

Man of the Match this week went to Dan “Goal Hanger” Bedford who managed to score 9 goals and avoid getting a major. He was the focal point of every attack and the vote was almost unanimous (almost). Moment of the match this week was hard fought, with 2 votes going to Phil “poor push shot” Richards, Nick “stop passing to Dan” Shute and Dan’s team goal, 3 votes going to Dan for a combination of his different goals, but with 4 votes, Moment of the Match went to length of the pool swim and goal. I am sure part of that was down to the everyone’s surprise at how accurate Matt’s pass was… Naaaaattttt

Fluffer this week was inevitable. With 8 of the available 10 votes, and one of those being for himself, the winner of Fluffer this week was Gary. Nothing more needs to be said here… I must apologise for getting a bit shouty though. Sorry Gary. Gary did narrowly beat Lash for this award as believe it or not, Lash had to go to another “networking” event…

Other honourable mentions go to Simon “bit of a floater” Tidy for some great static attacking, Nick for a cheeky lob, Tadija for managing not to give away a penalty this week (and also for a good counter attacking swim) and to Zac who has got another game under his belt!!

As for the stats, it is getting very exciting. For the first time in about 3 years, Nick is not top of the score charts. Dan moves ahead by three, with Andy Ogg just a little behind. Contest for major king is strong, with John “bad man” Holah racking up another 2 majors. A strong return to the pool post-injury!!

Amazingly there were no maddys this week – well done. In their place, I have found a “counter attack chart” that shows where you should be swimming if we ever manage to set up an arc. Have a read please!!


Until next time – Forza Narwhali!!!