Post Holiday Blues

After almost a month out of the pool the 8 strong team of Narwhals, due to every excuse under the sun including trying to open a beer with the side of your finger, took on the 12 of Avondale. Another game, another close loss, 10 – 8. However we actually played some fairly nice polo considering the complete absense of training over the last few weeks, but lack of players was again our downfall as we could barely swim by the end.

Chrissy Mann took a stint in goal to start, and after 4 goals in the first quarter to our 2 (to be fair it was mainly poor defending) Finchy went back where he belonged. This resulted in a very good second quarter, scoring 3 and conceding 1 leveling the game at 5 – 5. It was all to play for after the third at 8-7 but we never had the energy to get back into the game in the last quarter. Goals for Popovic, Finch and Oggy added to Shute’s 5 for, all that training in Croatia obviously paid off.

Man of the Match went to Andy “it’s not like the old days, no one was grabbing my cock” Ogg for getting beaten up in the pit all game. They had 7 man outs to our 4 so our man up needs some work. When that will happen is anyones guess.

Moment went to Nick “gets better when he doesn’t train” Shute for the outrageous lob on the buzzer at the end of the first. Not quite sure what the keeper was doing.

Fluffer went to Spongerob “stop working so hard” Fluffman, who didn’t vote, but wouldn’t have made much difference. I believe his miss from 2 meters actually took a deflection, however this award was for general incompetant passing into the pit. Dust yourself off son, get yourself training and move on.

Great to see Chrissy Mann back in the pool again, though 3 majors and a self inflicted vote for Fluffer probably isn’t really the come back you wanted. Cheers to “there’s only one way I know to get a bloody finger” Floater for reffing and “when can he start actually playing?” Zach for doing the table. Here’s to hoping the number pick up now the holiday season is over.

p.s. At least Stitt maddied


D is for Defence

Morning all – welcome to the latest stats update following our narrow defeat by Kingston:


Aug 3rd Stats


Our defeat to Kingston (9-8) represents our 8th defeat in a row – but in all of these games we have lost by no more than 4 goals at any time. We are so close to breaking this run, and just that little bit of extra effort (training) can help us break through!! We played pretty well on Wednesday, especially with our man-down defence.  We even successfully defended our goal whilst keeper Matt “fists of fury” Finch sat through his major. I think we were beaten based on the number of subs – our tiredness stopped us attacking properly – so lets try and get some more numbers down to games, we shouldn’t be struggling to get 8 players together…


MoM: this went to Finchy this week for 2 quarters of top keeping and two quarters of goal scoring – picking up 3 goals and 2 majors. Finch broke his recent form of bouncing shots over the goal by actually putting them away this time!!

Moment: This went to the whole team this week for our superb man down defence. Of the 7 man-downs we had, we only conceded 1 goal. Top effort!! It looks as if we have managed to remember what to do again!!

Fluffer: This went to me this week for missing an opportunity to score (and level) with 20 seconds to go. Having “brilliantly” turned my man and got through on goal, I got cramp just as I went to shoot – skying the shot and then proceeding to cry like a girl. I can only apologise!!


As for the stats – Nick’s goal scoring has slowed now, with only 4 goals in the last 3 games. If he wants to hit 100, he needs to pick his game up. Finch launches himself up the table with his 3 goals this week, whilst Tim and I look to try and break our tie and catch up with the leading pack. The Catas-Trophy is still hotly contended, and I think Rob might have died again – either that or it’s his stinky chat I can smell…


Forza Narwhali!!