Fluffers to the left of me, Fluffers to the right…

Fluffers to the left of me, Fluffers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with (von)Poo(shute)…

Hello Gents – following our game against London Orca, stats are below!!

Feb 26th Stats

Wednesday 24th saw a strong Narwhals win against our Arctic rivals the Orcas (21-5). Lots of goals were mixed with some laughable fluffs and equally bad finishes. The first quarter saw us 5 goals up and in a strong position. Some good counter attacking and strong defending set the tone for the game. The second quarter saw us go 8-0 ahead before the competition for Fluffer kicked off in earnest!!

Rather unluckily, Tadija jumped in whilst the ball was dead to help the referee retrieve a ball – penalty against. Thankfully Finch managed to save that penalty and we proceeded to move to 11-0 ahead before I put in my nomination… a looped pass was misjudged and rather than allow Finchy to claim it, I flicked the ball delicately over his head and into the net – Own Goal and Orca’s first. We then moved into an 18-2 lead before Finch came out of goal in the 4th quarter and lined up a penalty. He put it very very wide. Fluff number three!!

Nominations from the game saw Nick claim Man of the Match for his 6 goals and also Moment of the Match for his push shot into the top corner. Special mention here to Phil Richards who attempted to copy that shot…. attempt is the operative word here… the ball stopped about a meter in front of the keeper. Well done mate. Keep trying. Other notable mentions go to Zac for getting some good game time and to Gary for taking a stint in goal.

Fluffer (and I dont know how you did it) actually finished with a draw. This week I allowed multiple votes because all the fluffs were equally bad and it ended up with 6 votes each for all three of the above fluffs. Only one vote didnt mention these three and it was for the aforementioned push shot. Therefore fluff this week goes to myself, Tadija and Matt Finch.

As for the stats – Nick, Dan and Oggy are pushing in front on goals whilst the majority of us sit mid-table. Gary still leads on Majors, but needless to say once Holah is back from injury he will be pushing hard on this front!! Finchy is really pushing for his own copy of the Fluffer DVD with 4 already from the last 5 games…

And now the Maddy club – unfortunately it is a Finch only affair. I didnt take a photo, so instead I improvised…


The one where Phil didn’t put his body on the line…

Following a long drive to the end of the Victoria Line, the mighty Narwhals emerged victorious 13-10 against a battling Eastern Otter side. Here are the stats:

Feb 4th Stats

Monday saw us playing a familiar opposition in an unfamiliar pool. After eventually locating it (FYI – do not follow the signs labelled “Swimming Pool”…), we prepared for the match. We raced into a 5-1 lead in the first quarter, with some great passing and shooting. Defence was solid and we were communicating well. We then got a bit complacent in the 2nd quarter as Otter pulled back to 5-6. From there we had to work hard for every goal. A 30 second clock would have helped us massively as our defence was solid for long periods of opposition possession. That being said, the final 13-10 victory was well deserved and very pleasing. Well done boys!!

This week MoM went to Dan “goal hanger” Bedford who got himself 4 goals and a few assists (apparently). He narrowly beat Oggy who it must be noted worked very hard in the pit for not much return!! Moment(s) of the match was a dead-heat between Oggy, Dan and myself – this comes after I gave Dan his assist, wrongly allocated to me by Mr. Finch – fairness and transparency in action!! The votes were for a number of well assisted and well taken goals. Finally Fluffer is shared between Matt “watch the game not the ref” Finch for taking his eye off the ball (even though he was really sleepy) and Tadija “Fluffed his lines” Popovic for not following the plan on a man-up (we have a plan? I hear you ask!!).

(Dis)honourable mention goes to Phil for not putting his body on the line for the club. Having already collected 2 majors, Phil had the option of preventing a goal and getting a 3rd major, or allowing Otter to score. He took the cowardly second option. We all know Holah would have taken the bullet for his team. We are all very disappointed.

Stats wise, Nick remains at the top of the goal charts but faces stiff opposition from Oggy and Bedford. Major king is currently a three way tie with Phil a close 2nd. Maybe if he’d tried harder on Monday, he could also be in the top spot!!

Finally – the Maddy Club…