Have Enfield Juniors finally succumb to the Narwhals lifestyle?

With survival all but guaranteed in the league, the 9 plucky Narwhals knew that a strong performance v Enfield was all for pride. Minus their 2 big talismans, the Ginger Destroyer and Mo “Fat”ah, an impressive performance saw the Narwhals emerge with an 11-10 victory. It seems the Enfield juniors have discovered what we all know so fondly as “beer”, and were not very happy with how this new found addiction is hindering their performance.


Because Finchy could only manage to send me a photo of half the match sheet, I can only comment on the goals and majors we acquired. It was consistent, with 3 in the 1st, 2 in the 2nd, 3 in the 3rd and 3 in the 4th. A total of 7 majors given away not too shabby, with Punhcy Holah and Brutal Gary furthering their tally by 2 each in chase of the Catas Trophy. With the current top scorer dodging Italian drivers in Palermo, the chasers had a good opportunity to start the catch up. Goal H”ogg” making the most of this picking up a double hat trick, but past his prime Shute and Poobacca only managing the single goal each, with Wood Lover Loveless bagging a couple. Major Mann did just that to avoid the Maddy, leaving just Zach to take the only one of the game, failing to execute his usually so obvious pull back in the middle of the pool.

A strong performance was however marred by the disastrous man up attacks. I can’t see how many majors they got, but it was at least as many as us and we only scored 2. Something to practice in training! But we executed tactics well and they we’re getting very very frustrated towards the end, especially those beer guzzling not so juniors, which is always satisfying.

Unanimous man of the match this week to Oggy for his goals, some well taken, and some you could consider very skillful or very lucky. For this, Oggy also takes moment of the match. A slightly wayward shot from Gary was flicked goal wards from 2m, hit the post, hit the keeper in the back of the head and went in. Winning goal as well. Fluffer was also fairly unanimous, though a couple of votes (including self vote) to Loveless for a terrible pass on the man up. But this weeks winner is Holah for some quite frankly awful shots. Keep your head up son, better luck next time.

Forza narwhali!!

(this weeks stats edition submitted by guest reporter N. Shute)