One for the Fans

Hello all,
Following some on-going technical difficulties with the website, I have only just managed to get on and upload last weeks stats. Please find the stats for the Kingston game below…
Last week saw us lose 12-6 to Kingston – we had some great moments (winning the third quarter 4-0) and some terrible ones (the other three quarters). Lets hope we can sort it all out come next week vs. Sutton. (flash forward – we did…)
Man of the Match this week went to Tadija for a great goal and some fantastic assists. He also shares Moment of the Match with Nick for their great goal which put us on the front foot to dominate that third quarter. Fluffer had some stiff competition – both Finches getting in on the action, but the winner this week was Simon “static attack” Tidy for (and I quote Finchy here) his “horrific” miss. Can’t say I remember it and I am fairly sure it was Bedford, but my vote doesn’t count – work harder to score next time Simon!!
Stats wise, Dan extends his lead in the goal scoring charts whilst Rob “new boy” Loveless has chalked up his first goal of the season. It’s pretty packed in the middle of the table, but John “Punchy” Holah has pushed ahead in the Major king stakes.
Until next time – Forza Narhwali!!
Now maddy club (avec SpongeRob…)
IMG_3023Sponge Bob