A Massive Semi – 4 goal head start? Why not have 4 more!!

Afternoon Gents,

Following a bumper 2 game week, you get a double stat attack today. Two great wins, one vs. Croydon and the second in the Tom Dwyer Cup Semi-final against Kingston.

May 13th Stats

Monday saw a measured 8-7 win over Croydon where had our shooting been better, we would have won by much more. The true aim of the day seemed to be who could hit the post the most, and in that vein, Rob “I Love Wood” Loveless was crowned the woodwork champion of the week!! Even so, we did play some good polo at times and we did score some good goals. Rather optimistically Matt “please let me play outfield” Finch came out of goal. Sadly it seemed he disappeared soon after and the Portuguese Police continue their investigation…

Man of the Match for Monday went to Gary for some superb goalkeeping and distribution. I almost removed some votes from him as he did pass me the ball so I could score – clearly losing the game of “Don’t Pass to Ed…”.

Moment of the match went to Nick and Dan for a delightfully worked goal that involved a number of high-class flicks and tricks. The voting was almost unanimous. Special mention goes to Zac for picking up an extremely well worked major. Dave Leech will never try and turn you again!!

Fluffer was awarded to Rob “Cross bar Challenge” Loveless for an extraordinary miss from 2m out – pinging the ball off the crossbar when one on one with keeper. We were all very disappointed…

Special mentions need to go out to Nick “Brave little Soldier” Shute who played dispite having a boo-boo… Well we say he played… It is rumoured he has disappeared along with Mr. Finch. Special mention to Tadija too who never lets a habit die, but jumping in the pool when rolling subs and nearly giving away a penalty…


Wednesday saw the Semi-final of the London’s premier handicap knock-out competition come to Whitgift, where the Narwhals were victorious 17-12 over Kingston despite being 4 goals down at the start of the game. It was universally agreed that we all played exceptionally well, with Bedford and Shute picking up 6 goals each and Gary having another stormer in goal!! For this reason, and for the first time ever, the overwhelming vote for Fluffer was R.O.N – a Narwhals first!!

Man of the Match went to Dan “Ginger Balls” Bedford for some great goals and tireless work in the pit. He also picked up Moment of the Match for a speculative backshot lob that beat three of the opposition players. Shout out to Nick “goals goals goals” Shute who came back from his maddy with a vengeance and only finished one vote behind Dan for MoM.

Wednesday also saw the arrival of Simon Gateley – Nottingham Alumni and new boy to the team. Unfortunately his first game didn’t go so well and he had the pleasure of joining me in the Maddy club. Picture provided… Unfortunately I didnt have one of Finch and Shute so I improvised…

Ed & SiNick and finch

With the Mighty Narwhals, the “other” pride of South London in their own final, the hordes of fans can’t wait for the review in the Croydon Advertiser!!

Stats wise – Bedford has now broken the 50 goal mark for the year, with Shute on the same number of goals this year as at the same time in 2015. John “Punchy” Holah has taken a commanding lead in the Catas Trophy stakes whilst Gary is developing a dangerous Brutality Rating… Compared to this time last year we have scored 45 more goals but given away 21 more majors. Things are looking up!!

Until next time gents,