Better late than never…

[EDIT: The editor realises that there has been a severe lack of reports and stats posted recently. This is mainly due to his current employers decision to label the Narwhals website “unsuitable” for current security filters. We therefore have two reports for you – one from Crawley (A) where we were severely “Lenkied” and one from Croydon (H). The stats are from both games. Our newest arrival, Gio, is the contributor for the Crawley game. For everything else you get me!!]

August 16th Stats

Crawley Away – a bad player always blames the ref…

In the wonderful setting of the K2 Crawley 50m swimming pool, Narwhals had to surrender 17-9 to the home team.

Possibly due to the soft and quite relaxing pool lighting, the match started quite calm, with Crawley scoring the first goal of the game only in the late first quarter. We immediately equalised from the pit and then conceded another two goals, before reducing the distance with another goal from the pit – although someone claims that the ball did not cross entirely the imaginary goal line – which set the result to 3-2 for Crawley.

From that moment on, the actual chronological sequence of the goals is not very clear in the mind of the writer and considering that we did not get a copy of the match report from the table, the writer needs to improvise.

This confusion is also partially due to the quite interesting refereeing which followed, almost as “Interesting” as the one of Byron Moreno in the round of 16 match between Italy and South Korea in the 2002 World Cup (the writer is aware that this reference may not be familiar to non-Italians). Some of the “interesting” decisions included at least two goals assigned to the home team, with the ball not even getting close to cross the line (when will VAR be introduced in British waterpolo???), a penalty awarded to Crawley caused by our attempt to play 7-vs-7 (how did we dare?) following a substitution after a goal conceded (with the refs resuming the game when we were only six in the water, with the seventh player who was diving in) and few other penalties and major fouls – for both teams to be fair – which were supposed to follow the new rules, but actually did not really look in line with them.

However, we did our part and went in general confusion, offering too many counterattacks to Crawley which allowed their players to get 1-to-1 with Andrew in goal and set the final result on 17-9.

From our side, the goals were scored by Rob fluffer, including an amazing and memorable first goal from a corner, which deserves to be shown to future generations, 2 by Nick, in his last match as a not married man (CONGRATULATIONS!), 2 by Rob, including a stylish lob from the pit, and 2 by Gio, who also missed an easy chance after one of the many confusing ref decisions.

It’s also worth reporting the missed attempt from 2m by Rob fluffer which kind of balance his goal from the corner. Someone believes his hand was anaesthetised as he shot, although he claimed the ref blew the whistle (which does not seem very unlikely after all).

Other remarkable fact is that this was also the first game for George with the Narwhals – thanks for bringing some support on the stands!

[Edit – from that I can only assume that Loveless won the fluffer and other Rob won moment?]

Croydon – Home

Basically, I can’t remember much of the game other than counter attacks and a few stunning goals. To make matters worse, I only received three votes (excluding my own), making the mandate for awarding the prizes dangerously low.  Dan got man of the match, Zach got fluffer and Loveless/Oggy share moment. We lost 9-19 despite an attempted 4th quarter comeback from 9 goals down… Well done everyone. On to bigger and better things vs. Beckenham soon.

Forza Narwhali!!