Double Weekend Bonus Stats Pack!!

Today’s report brings you the excitement from two games!! This is not because I am lazy and haven’t updated the site, more to do with actually having some work to do….. NAAAAATTT

Oct. 24th Stats

The first game saw us fall to a 16-12 defeat to Watford 2’s. It also saw the exciting return of Dan “El Ginge” Bedford. I will let you decide how exciting that return actually was… Dan contributed 6 goals to our total and was swiftly followed by Oggy with 4. Nick and Phil have struggled recently on the goal scoring front, only picking up one each in this game.

Against Watford, the Man of the Match went to Oggy for his hard work and battling in the pit. It was decided Dan couldn’t have it because he turned up drunk – classic scot… Having said that, Dan was awarded Moment of the Match for bouncing a shot off Oggy’s head on its way into the goal. Who doesn’t like a trick shot? Finally, Fluffer went to Nick “I Love Wood” Shute who began a deep and passionate love affair with the woodwork.

The second game disappointingly saw us lose again, but this time 13-10 to Beckenham 2’s. Having led 5-0 after the first quarter, we massively let ourselves down. Fitness was a massive factor in this game and we just couldn’t keep up the intensity for 4 quarters. This was a very winnable game, and it is only if we train that we are going to start turning the L’s into W’s.

Man of the Match went to Tim “Bicep Canon” Young for his 2 goal haul as well as a few assists – despite trying very hard to miss on his first goal… Moment of the Match went to Tadija “waggle hands” Popovic for his 2 attempts at scoring before getting the all important goal on the match sheet (and avoiding that maddy). Unfortunately, Fluffer also went to Tadija as he gave away a penalty by jumping in the pool whilst the game was in play. Schoolboy!!

That being said, Fluffer was a close run thing!! Finch nearly won it for not telling the oppo we started at 9… and some of our passing left a little to be desired!! Tom “Shouty” Burridge also gets a shout out for his rubbish attempt at being angry at the referees.

In the stats chart, Nick continues to leads the goals, but Oggy has now over taken Phil, moving into 2nd. It seems everyone has taken on the challenge of knocking me out of 4th place, with Dan, Tim and Burridge all close behind. We now have a new leader in the Catas Trophy, as John “Punchy” Holah moves into top spot with a huge 3 major against Beckenham. It really is hotting up at the top!!

Next week is training – make sure you all attend. Our fitness is awful – almost as bad as our passing and shooting!! A big turn out will let us get some decent work in before the Thameside league starts in a few weeks!! Until then…

Volo ego egam aptus!! (Forza Narwhali!!)