Into the Stat osphere

Afternoon Gents,

Please find attached the next installment of the Narwhals 2015 stats report.

March 26th Stats

Yesterday saw us record a superb 11-8 win over Avondale 2’s (with a 2 goal head start) which puts us in the final of whichever competition it was that we were playing in. The stage is set for the dramatic return of Luke ‘Only Tour and Cup Finals’ Penfold…


I think we played brilliantly well yesterday. When Avondale dropped off us we moved the ball around the arc and took sensible shots. If they pressed us, we put the ball in the pit and either Andy or Simon did the rest. Defensively we were solid, and once Simon learnt our man down routine we did really well there with some big blocks. Only when we got tired in the 4th quarter did our performance drop, but overall, I think this was by far our best performance of the year.


Special mentions have to go out to Bummage who left the south coast to put in a sterling effort in goal and to Oggy who scored some beautiful goals. Oggy was the winner of Man of the match as well as moment of the match – a shot from the pit cannoning back of the bar only to land back in his hand and be put past the stranded keeper. Fluffer was awarded to Phil ‘I love wood(work)’ Richards for consistently skying shots or hitting the bar/post. It has been suggested in two separate emails that Phil should continue to get Fluffer until he realises that the ball needs to go in the net… I’ll leave that for you to decide. Finally, we were all very disappointed with Mohammed Bin Harwood’s performance. It was almost like he wasn’t there…


Stats wise, Nick “Harry Kane” Shute continues to lead the goal charts, with myself and Phil heading out in front for Major King. Gary “Brutal” Bowen is continuing to maintain his brutality rating – in desperate need of a goal. Reflecting the current Premier league standings, competition is hot (based on goals scored) for the 4th champions league spot… Still a long way to go!!


Until next time, Forza Narwhali!!!