It was all a bit meh…

Short and sweet this week due to the game being massively disappointing and it being Q2 reporting
Despite numerous holiday absentees we were upbeat due to the absence of Ed ‘15% swim off win/loss
ratio’ Gamble. Needless to say we won all the swim offs and given we were three up with 4 mins
left of the game we should have won that as well.
The first quarter saw us take a strong lead despite attacking the very shallow end, Nick scoring a
glorious route one goal in the process. Our resident anaesthetist managed to get himself ejected
twice for getting overly physical but our man down defence held strong…. 2 – 1 at the end of the
The second quarter saw more of the same with Oggy being utterly dominant in the pit and getting
either ejections or goals when we managed to pass him the ball and not throw it over his head :-/
Rob scored a very nice man up goal before getting himself red carded for giving the ref a funny look.
Literally. Still, wrapped up Fluffer nice and early. 4 – 2 at half time.
The third quarter saw us continue to dominate, both Oggy and Big Si scored the finest back shots
from the pit you will ever see . 7 – 5 going into the final quarter.
The last quarter was a shocker. We went 8 – 5 up before throwing it all away in a horrific final two
minutes. Chris Mann did score his first goal since Feb though! Final score 10 – 10.
Mom this week was Oggy who yet again thoroughly dominated the Kingston defence
Moment went to a very nice route one goal, pass from keeper to Nick’s hand on opposition 4m, first
time shot into top corner of shallow end goal.
Fluffer was Rob for somewhat unfairly getting himself wrapped in the second quarter.
Nobody went missing, everyone contributed. Mostly by getting themselves ejected though….

A formal stats report will come soon once Gamble sorts his life out and updates the tables…

Forza Narwali!