Look at the size of the stats on that!!

This week we have a double stat attack from our two away games of last week – vs. Sutton & Cheam 2’s and London Orca 2’s. Unfortunately I cannot remember much from either game so you’ll have to make do with what you get here and look forward to Finchy’s match report in a few days!!

July 13th Stats

Wednesday 6th July saw us head into battle against Cheam 2nd’s at Cheam Baths – a location we had not visited in several years. This became apparent when Matt “late arrival” Finch forgot how long it actually took to drive to Cheam and nearly missed the start of the game. Subsequently we ended up playing the entire match with borrowed Sutton hats… We did reasonably well for 3 quarters, going into the 4th 6-8 down. Sadly we didn’t do particularly well in the 4th – conceding 3 and scoring none. We had a lot of chances, but missed them all – some botched 1 on 1’s and some dire shooting. The final score (11-6) flattered Sutton but our shooting really let us down.

Awards for the match:
Man of the Match: Matt “double” Finch for grabbing two goals despite not having a warm-up
Moment of the Match: Dan “flappy hands” Bedford for a delightful volleyball-esque goal, flicking the ball over the pit man’s head and then flapping it past the keeper. He definitely was not standing. Or jumping.
Fluffer: Sadly goes to Rob “Woody” Loveless for his profligacy in front of goal. 1 hour of shooting practise the remedy…


Friday 8th July saw a plucky 8 turn up to Porchester Baths to watch the Belgium-Brazil game… I mean, play Orca 2’s. The team consisted of some returning heroes, including Tom “one major, one goal” Burridge and Tim “Bicep cannon” Young. After a World Cup Quarter-Final, a burger and a few beers (and a fizzy apple juice for Charles), we wandered down to the pool. As we were sans keeper, we all took a turn in goal – Young, Shute, Holah and Gamble doing the honours. A high press worked wonders for us and a convincing 16-4 scoreline was the result. With the final whistle the crowd went wild – mostly because Ed “Jordan Pickford” Gamble had managed to keep a clean sheet. Miracles do happen. Potential fluffers to the whole team for not trying to score an own goal…

Awards for the match:
Man of the Match: Big man Burridge for making his way up to the game from Bournemouth and heading home that same night. Big effort for the team – and despite not getting his usual major, did pick up a goal for his troubles.
Moment of the Match: Nick “acrobat” Shute for his deft redirection of a drilled pass to grab a goal. One of the voters likened it to an “overhead kick with his hands”… So a shot then?
Fluffer: goes to rubbish Nick Shute for his awful quarter in goal where he let in half of the Orca goals. We are all very disappointed in him… (lol)

Anyway – that’s the stats for this week. Will hopefully have another report for you soon from our game vs. Kingston last night.

Until next time – Forza Narwhali!!