Lots of Wobbles on Weebledown Farm

Monday saw the mighty Narwhals embark on a trip to Putney to face Avondale. Always a good game, we were optimistic about the result and keen to get going. Phil “Stallion” Richards, “fresh” from his Japanese exertions was back in the pool, and Charles “is this one Surrey League” K-T was finally allowed to play with us again by his mum… Game on!!

Sadly Ed “danger poo” Gamble missed the swim-off due to spending too long visiting the Putney facilities – he had clearly read the B-Log and couldn’t wait for a visit!! Instead the responsibility fell to Goggles McShute who didn’t let the team down by duly losing the swim-off. The first quarter was tight finishing 2-2 and the game was shaping up to be a good one. Our drop was working really well and we nullified their pit attack. Sadly our shooting was wasteful and we did not take the opportunity to build a lead. Nonetheless, a good long range effort from Chris “Moto” Mann and a typical counter from Goggles meant the first quarter went well. The second followed a similar pattern, with the score 4-4 at half time.

Some good consistent refereeing led to lots of majors and plenty of practise. Buoyed by the knowledge he could “score” and hit the target (whey) Phil “Sumo” Richards bagged himself two of four goals in the 3rd quarter. Going into the 4th, we were 7-6 up. The final quarter was a cagey affair, with the lead changing hands. With a minute to go, Avondale bagged a goal to go 10-9 up and the Narwhals were staring defeat in the face. With 30 seconds to go, up stepped Big balls Richards to save the game. In years go by, as he lined up a shot from 7m, we would have turned and swam back to defend, knowing the ball was already flying over the bar… but in an amazing change of fortune, Phil steadied himself, drew back his short little arm and rocketed a shot in off the near post. The game was saved!! 10-10 the final score – our second draw of the year (of the same scoreline).

Man of the Match went to Big Man Richards who grabbed 4 goals and was exceptional in front of goal. He also got moment of the match for his last gasp winner. Shout out to Rob “woody” Loveless who continued his fine run of stopping the ball going in the net by covering for Finch Snr. when he got sent out for smelly chat. Finch also gets a thumbs up for a good reaction save to keep us in the game. Fluffer went to Gary this week for a poorly executed Lob. Finch Jnr. is still visiting the dubious maddy committee.

Stats will come with the next report.

Forza Narwhali!!