Punished in Putney

Monday 28th September saw a ragged 8 travel to Putney to play Avondale II’s. We normally have fairly close games with Avondale, but Monday was not the case, our first quarter performance echoing that against Enfield, shipping 5 goals and scoring none. Final score was a 16-5 defeat.

Oct 1st Stats

We were not helped by some interesting refereeing and some even more interesting table work, but to complain about this would be to lose focus on the fact that poor passing, poor shooting and a lack of fitness was our ultimate downfall. The majority of the Avondale goals came from a poor shot, that then resulted in an Avondale counter. This is not including the times when Matt “wayward” Finch forgot to pass to his own team and/or forgot to save the ball…

For those reasons, Matt has been unanimously voted Fluffer of the week (even by himself). The coup de grace being a pass straight to the opposition whilst horribly far away from the goal, resulting in conceding from about 15m out…

Man of the Match went to Phil for his 3 goal haul. He is now pulling away from Andy with 9 goals in 3 games since returning from his finger injury. On quite the run of form!! Honourable mention goes to Chris Mann for picking up another goal, and being the main threat from our Man-up situations.

And on that note – Moment of the match goes to Chris Mann for finishing off a man-up attack where we actually passed the ball around nicely for a good 20 seconds before Mr. Mann cooly finished with a shot into the far corner!!

Points of note in the stats this week… Mr Ogg picked up his first Maddy of the season – we are all very disappointed in his lack of effort. Of our “regular” players, Mr. Shute is the only player not to disappear this season. Chris Mann’s run of goal scoring leaves him one goal away from pushing Abu bin Harwood into the red zone. Phil is closing in on 50 goals for the season, whilst I am the first to reach 30 majors for the year. It seems Brutal Holah may be the only person to catch me as we head into the final 3 months of the year!!

Until Next time!!

Forza Narwhali!!!