The good, the bad and the ugly…‏


June 18th Stats

A double header for you today on the stats front – following a disappointing week where we have lost twice.
Monday saw a narrow loss of 10-9 to Avondale II’s. Despite having only 7 players and Lash in goal, we played surprisingly well, winning the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters. We were only let down by a poor start to the game. In other news, Stu maddied and we were very disappointed in his performance.
  • Man of the match went to Tim “Pocket Rocket” Young who by all accounts played very well. The culmination of which was a very nicely worked goal with Mr. Shute…
  • Moment of the match went Nick and Tim for said goal. Working it down the right hand side of the pool, they passed back and forth working space before Tim buried the shot. Some lovely counter attacking polo.
  • Fluffer goes to Phil “wasted opportunity” Richards who, with only 5 seconds on the clock, and with the Narwhals only a goal down (on a man-up) decided to blast over from 5m. This is a somewhat harsh award as he had scored 3 goals – and Bummage was a close second for a dreadful lob attempt – but given it could have drawn the game, we really needed that to go in…
Wednesday was the final of the Tom Dwyer Cup. With the Champions League anthem ringing in our ears we decided not to show up. In a performance riddled with errors, we fell to a 16-11 defeat (with a 2 goal head-start). We failed to perform basic tactics and were beaten on the break too many times. At some point someone even threw a ladies ball into the pool……
  • Man of the Match was awarded to Oggy for his efforts in the pit. Collecting 3 goals, he put in a stirling effort against what was a tough Sutton team.
  • Moment of the match goes to Bummage for scoring a goal that no one saw… We all swam back to defend, and whilst we were setting up on our men, the whistle went and a goal was awarded. Burridge swims back to the middle of the pool, everyone is bemused…
  • Despite there being a number of candidates, and I had 2 votes for the whole team, the winner is John “can’t catch” Holah for scoring an own goal. A block forced the ball to land in front of him whilst he gallantly defended the post. He then proceeded to flick the ball into his own net… Sorry John – that’s your first fluff.
In the stats table, things pretty much stay as they are. The top 3 remain untroubled, Chapman might as well give up and despite having played 14 more games than him, I have finally outscored Bedford. Motivation to come back?
Until next time – do some bloody training and learn the tactics.
Forza Narwhali!!