Noorf vs Saaf London

This week Narwhals were again defeated in the London League, but not without a fight, against a strong Enfield team. The mighty 7 1/2 Narwhals went down 12-7 to the 11 strong Enfield team, with 4 kids, going on Olympians, who proceeded the game with press ups, stretching and Dr Dre beats on (meanwhile Floater was havig a poo)… You’re in South London now boys, not Rio 2016.

With 5 hours until kick off Whitgift kindly informed us we had to start at 9 and not 9.30, so thanks to Gary and Finchy for sorting the oppo and ref, not so much for Tris who turned up at half time, more on that later. A tight first quarter ended 1-1, with some sloppy play from us but decent chasing back to stop the goals. The second half continued to be a little sloppy, ending 7-3 with only Bummage scoring a nice over the top ball and Phil banging in a man up but Enflield getting 6 goals mainly from us losing posession and them breaking away.

Not having got the message about the early start (even though everyone else did), Tris arrived at half time to take the numbers to 8. This inspired a come back with a 2-1 win in the 3rd to take the score to 8-5, and a cracking start to the 4th to get the score back to 8-7. As the final score suggests, we then ran out of steam and their 16 year old Olympians showed up our fitness as they broke constantly bagging another 5 goals to end the game at 12-7.

MotM this week goes to Shute with another 4 goals to add to his quest for the century. One goal being a lovely flick in from Garys wonderpass, however this was beaten to Moment by Phil “massive 12.5” Richards who won both swim offs in the second half. Gamble eat your heart out. Fluffer goes to Tris, for reasons explained above. Special mention for debutant Tadija “Pendold” “Tony” Popovic who put in a solid performance, even gettig a major to avoid a Maddy.

Some good play, some bad play. Couple more players and we would have taken them all the way, but in the end fitness and lack of players lost us the game again. Volo ego eram aptus.

Disclaimer: Due to lack of Gamble, the following stats are probably made up.

Shute takes his tally to 60 at the half way stage of the year, Phil strengthens his Champions League Place with another goal, Bummge climbs the table with 2 nicely taken goals. New boy Popovic got stuck in and avoided the Maddy with a major to start his career. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for Young, Heath and Bowen who all had their minds in Portugal.