The Return Leg

Let’s face it, it is what we have all been waiting for… 19 months since the last installment, here it is… the first stats report of 2021!!

Oct 15th stats

Fresh off the back of a home/away double header with Sutton and Cheam, the stats are taking on a familair theme, with messers Shute, Dickenson and Loveless floating to the top on goals, whilst the usual suspects Gamble, Bowen and Holah sit tied at the top of the major rankings with two a piece. Some very exciting stuff!!

Apologies that we lack any MoM, Moment or Fluffer nominations from the home game with Sutton – Mr.Shute was very lax in his writing – but I can report a 13-7 victory highlighted by Rob D’s double hattrick. Lovely stuff.

Wednesday saw us play Sutton at Cheam baths, this time sadly falling to a  16-9 defeat (a narrow 22-23 defeat on aggregate). With a shoe string 7 starting the game, in no way related to us being told the game started at 9pm rather than 8.45pm, we swiftly conceeded 3 goals. Not great to be 3-0 down in the first minute. Even so, we fought valiantly and despite being our own worst enemy at times, it wasnt a terrible display. A bit of work on our shooting and passing and we’ll get better (where have I heard that one before?).

Anyway – the awards – MoM went to Andy W for some excellent one-on-one saves and for saving the team when our “defense” had let us down. Moment went to John Holah for his complete disregard for how we usually play man-up’s, and Fluffer, naturally, went to Matt Finch for not having the right start time. Unjust you say? I can already see everyone’s hands up… sorry.

Until next time – Forza Narwhali!!