2020 Vision – A Perfect Start

So far this year the Narwhals have played two games and won two. The polo has been far from perfect, but the results are what matter. The delights we have in store for you today include the annual “Battle of Arctic” where Narwhal battles Orca for superiority as well as a strong win in Hornchurch versus the Otters of the East.

Feb 7th Stats

The first game of the year was a trip to the end of the Jubilee line, where an initial 7 arrived to play London Orca. We eagerly awaited the arrival of Mr. Loveless, but due to the fact he’d managed to put a patient to sleep a little “too much”, he was running late. Some of us probably had a bit of a Christmas hang-over and we were sluggish to start. Even so, we managed to go in at the half 4-3 up and were helped further by the arrival of the Doctor.

With a fresh pair of legs, we started to pull away from the opposition. A quickly collected hattrick from Loveless later and we emerged victorious – still unbeaten in the Battle of the Arctic!! (12-5)

Man of the Match – Loveless – for three super goals and giving the team the boost we needed
Moment of the Match – Shute – Delightful goal were he flicked the ball back over his shoulder (and the keeper), wrong footing the defense and showboating his way to another goal.
Fluffer – Matt Finch – winning a man-up and them promptly passing the ball straight to a defender. Cheers.

Shout out to Adrian who despite his better judgement played his first game for the club.

Our second game was a trek and a half all the way out to Hornchurch to play Eastern Otter. Seemingly by train, car and air we assembled in the eastern wastes and set about defending ourselves from the constant tirade of punches and kicks being dealt out. Frankly I can’t remember much of the game, but we controlled it pretty well. Despite the lack of stop clock we defended very well and we countered aggressively. Well done to all – except Charles who managed to miss the train from Liverpool Street.

Man of the Match – Rob Loveless – for some great goals (6), and some strong play. This PT training is really paying off!!
Moment of the Match – Andy Winterbotham – great penalty save in the first quarter to swing momentum in our favour!!
Fluffer – Ed Gamble – got the ball on a man-up, waggled it for a long time, didnt shoot, got tackled, opposition countered, goal. Gamble is shit.

Shout out to Rob D for getting the first triple major exclusion of the year (aka Mr. Punchy) and kudos to Charles for notĀ letting the fact he missedĀ the train to the game stop him from catching a flight to Portugal.

Stats wise, Loveless sits pretty at the top – 9 goals and 2 MoM awards – what a hero. Gio is laying down a strong, early marker for “Italian Stallion of the year” and Adrian is getting used to life as a Narwhal. I hope to see more of you at training and at games over the next few weeks!!

Forza Narwhali!!