A trip to High Barnet

Monday 23rd September saw the mighty Narwhals go for a cheeky Nando’s before travelling to the northern end of the Northern Line to a potentially league deciding clash with Enfield 2’s. It was a game of mixed fortunes and emotions, with arguably the high point being the Nando’s and the low point being a severe lack of facilities for the PMP’s…

28th Sept Stats

The evening started well as the Narwhals assembled at “King’s Cross” for a swift Nando’s. Some like their chicken hot, others mild, and some like it resembling “Burnt Oak”. Upon finishing our meal and being “Stock(ed)-Well” with carbs and chicken, we prepared ourselves for a journey to the end of the Northern Line – glad we weren’t heading to “Morden”. The approach to “High Barnet” was interrupted by several smelly “Tooting Bec’s” and “Tooting Broadway’s” – badgers a plenty – that chicken was ready to create some epic PMP’s.

Upon arrival at the pool, I felt like an “Elephant and Castle” were trying to leave my bowls, but to my horror, none of the facilities had a suitable supply of paper with which to wipe my “Goodge Street”. It was quickly pointed out that in fact Woody McLoveless had used the last of the paper to clean his own “Mornington Crescent”. Thus I was forced to start the game without a PMP – terrible preparation in itself – but I also had to avoid any kicks to the stomach in case a train were to leave my “Clapham South”.

The lack of team PMP’s was obvious at the start of the game as our passing lacked precision and our press lacked aggression. Our “Archway” was rarely set up well meaning our attack lacked an “Edgware”. Sadly as a result we slipped to an initial 3-0 at the end of the 1st Quarter. As the game progressed into the 2nd quarter, it quickly became apparent that the referees were a bunch of “Kentish Town(s)”. Pull backs were not given and a number of questionable reversals led to tempers flaring and Mr Shute getting very “Charing Cross”. Nonetheless, our play improved and we began to pass the “Oval” ball with more precision. We ultimately won the 2nd Quarter 4-1 (4-4) with goals from Oggy, Lombardo, a dribbler from Holah and a deft, Bedford-esq goal from Gamble – rising like an “Angel” from the pit. Delightful.

As the game progressed into the 3rd quarter, the refs began to show their themselves to be real “Belsize Park(s)”. Inexplicable decisions were made and the game became very “Tufnell Park”. We struggled to get ahead but won the quarter 5-4. Gary saw it as an opportunity to have his very own “Waterloo” and promptly received two majors. Oggy also captialised on Bedford’s absence from the pit and “Bank(ed)” three goals in the quarter. highlight of the quarter came at the end when Floater shot a good 2 seconds after the buzzer and stole a goal from the opposition – much to their coaches frustration.

The 4th quarter was a scrappy affair. the Narwhals began to get frustrated with the reffing decisions it affected out play. Mr. Richards got very “Brent Cross” and at one point got very shouty. The game was tied at 11-11 with 30 seconds to go when Enfield called a time out. We quickly set up our arch and decided we would be playing a “High(gate)” press. Sadly as part of the defence, “Finchly Central” was ejected with a major and we conceded a goal with 12 seconds to go. Some dubious clock management later, and we fell to a 12-11 defeat.

Man of the match this week went to Oggy for his 4 goal haul. I suppose that makes him out “Golders Green”. Shout outs to Rob “Woodside Park” Loveless who ended his drought with a goal and to Zac “East Finchly” for having a cheeky fight on half way. Next time punch harder!!

Moment of the Match again went to Oggy for a superb back shot from the pit.Very few other nominations but a shout out to Rob, Phil and Gary who played a delightful passing move before putting the ball into the pit for Oggy to score.

Fluffer this week goes to Matt “West Finchly” for his final minute exclusion. Arguably it wasn’t him that cost us the game, but you can’t vote for the refs and this is a democracy. Rob got a customary nomination for wayward shooting and I think Shute is still wobbling.

Sadly this game means we have now lost 5 games in a row. It would be good to turn this around sooner rather than later – but I am confident for the next match.

If you can fit anymore Northern Line stations  in – add them to the facebook post… (look at that – engagement with the fans!!)

Forza narwhali!!