Back to Winning Ways

Wednesday 12th saw the Narwhals travel to the spectacular Cheam Baths for a game against Sutton, South London’s secondary Shit Hole. Without their 2 talismans, Ed “has he destroyed the ring yet?” Gamble and Dan “this game was down the road and still didn’t turn up” Bedford, the Narwhals knew they’d be in for a tough challenge to stop a string of 5 losses.

April 18th Stats

Thankfully, some lovely attacking play outweighed some slack defending and frankly dreadful decision making, and they came home with a 12-11 win.

It was a tight start, our drop defence worked well to stop their pit man but they still managed 4 goals. We replied with 4 ourselves, 2 from Nick “can only score inside 2m” Shute, and 1 a piece from Phil “トイレの男” Richards and Andy “thinks he’s too good to vote” Ogg.

The second continued to be tight, they scored 3 and we could only manage 2, another from Ogg and a lovely backshot from Rob “maybe he should always shoot backwards” Loveless. 7-6 at half time. We continued to battle hard into the 3rd, and some more solid defending saw us limit them to a couple. However, we started wasting chances as well, and only a couple of top corner bangers from Richards kept us in the game. 1 behind going into the last.

A quick start from the Narwhals saw “wood lover” Loveless take an extra second to aim his shot inside the post, and “goggles” Shute do what he does best, pick on their guy wearing shorts and 2 breakaway goals in the space of a minute. John “what are you doing?” Holah then held the ball for 29 seconds, before banging it in the top corner to take a 3 goal lead. This almost made up for his stupidity, more on that later though. With 3 minutes and 49 seconds left we did our usual start playing like muppets, however it was only enough time for them to grab 2 goals and that great start to the 4th won us the game.

Voting was unanimous this week. Goggles picks up MoM for his 4 goals, 2 of which were pivotal to the team victory in the final quarter. There were votes for Richards and Loveless as well for their contributions to the game. Loveless goes from fluffer to moment this week purely for not hitting the post. Moment of the match being him drowning, popping up without his man and firing a lovely back shot into the near post. Fluffer this week goes to Holah. With both Chrissy Mann and Floater free on the far side of the pool he decided instead to pass the ball back to their keeper… Special mention to Charles who got a couple of votes (one self inflicted) for smashing the ball into Oggy’s face, and to “Hahahahahaha” who got Holah’s vote.

Forza Narwhali!!