No Positives

Hello Gents – another slice of stats action for you to devour!!

Sept 21st Stats

Wednesday 16th saw us line up against Sutton and Cheam 2nds and we fell to a disappointing 15-6 defeat. Poor shooting, poor passing, a bit disjointed – there weren’t many positives to take away from it. We couldn’t decide whether to press or drop and so did neither. If it weren’t for the three penalties we won, it could have been a very sorry looking scoreline. As we move towards the last few games of the Surrey League, we need to really focus on getting the basics right.

There was no Man of the Match this week. The votes left me with a 5-way tie and given I also had a vote for A.N. Other, I decided no one gets it this week.

Moment of the Match goes to Nick “Right place, Wrong time” Shute for getting punched in the head whilst desperately trying to reach a Matt Finch pass. The resulting penalty was thankfully tucked away.

Fluffer this week goes to Rob “why did you turn up?” Chapman – whose passing was so terrible he couldn’t even pass the buck for getting a Maddy. This was a unanimous decision, and coupled with his further drop into the red zone, I truly fear for him come the Kangaroo court of the Christmas social…

The stats chart continues to shift and change. Phil “Finger” Richards tried his very best to re-claim 2nd spot with a 3 goal haul – yet still remains 1 goal behind Oggy. Holah has closed the gap on Major King by one – his brutality rating of 4 is almost double all other contenders. I think we may well be looking at the retainer of the Catas Trophy!! In other news, Tadija lifts himself out of the red zone, and with a self imposed absence until mid-October, Tim “exams” Young may well find himself slipping down the standings!!

Until next time – Forza Narwhali!!