The Magnificent Seven

For the first time in many, many weeks I am happy to announce that we have achieved a big, fat “W” on the results board!! For your enjoyment today, the stats…

Sept 11th Stats

Wednesday saw the mighty Narwhals defeat Croydon III’s 14-12 – our first win in 11 attempts!! The match saw us beating Croydon in all aspects of the game – more goals, more players (8-7), more swim-off wins (well that was a draw) and more majors (9-1). A crushing victory on all counts!! The headline news from the game was that Andy “goal hanger” Ogg scored 7 goals and has now leapfrogged Phil “ouchy finger” Richards into 2nd in the stats chart. Despite his prowess in front of goal however, Oggy did not win Man of the Match…

– Man of the Match this week was a tie between Gary “shot stopper” Bowen and Tadija “pirouette” Popovic. Gary was voted for his 2 quarters of superb goal keeping and Tadija for his 2 goals and ballet skills. Tadija also gets a special mention for pushing Rob “toothache” Chapman into the Stats danger zone!!

– Moment goes to Gary for some superb saves in the 3rd quarter which allowed us to extend our lead

– Fluffer this week was unanimously awarded to Nick “won’t pass” Shute who not only cruelly robbed Chris Mann of a goal, but then also missed several golden opportunities to score. Despite hitting 80 goals for the season this week, we are all super disappointed in him!!

On a side note, Tim “Hide n’ Seek” Young and Simon “Peek a boo” Tidy both scored Maddy’s for going missing. They were supposed to be in the pool but no one really noticed them.

As for the stats, a goal and 3 majors helped me to further cement my claim to 4th spot and the Catas Trophy. Holah is in close contention for Major King – with 3 1/2 months left, it will get tight!! Nick hit 80 this week and is well on course to topping 100. Oggy’s 7 sees him jump ahead of Phil, whilst Finchy bumped himself up the table with a goal. I can’t help that feel if Bedford were to just turn up for one game he might over-take me…

Until next time!!

Forza Narwhali!!