Stop Clocks and Poor Blocks

Afternoon all!!

Now that the website seems to be functioning again, feast your eyes on this weeks stats!! (don’t forget to look at last weeks too)

April 1st Stats

Wednesday saw us beat a very young Sutton & Cheam II’s 14-11. The omens were bad pre-game as we lost our goalkeeper Matt Finch for a mystery reason as well as our number one static attacker Simon Tidy – laid low by a sicky tummy bug… What a brave little soldier!! However, we overcame these set backs and motivated ourselves to take on the opposition. Despite a slow first quarter where our only goal came from a man-up, we turned up the heat in the remaining quarters and emerged victorious!! On a number of occasions we defended solidly and won back possession when the shot clock expired – strong stuff!!

Man of the match this week went to Nick “end-to-end” Shute for some good goals and even better swimming. Moment of the match also went to Nick – when despite still chasing Bedford for top goal scorer, he passed to a free Tadija, allowing him to score instead. It must be noted that this goal saved Mr. Popovic from a Maddy by 5 seconds… Fluffer however did go to Tadija “shit lob” Popovic when he attempted a lob whilst we were man-up and with a Sutton player in our half… The keeper promptly caught the lob with 2 hands and passed it down the field… uh oh…

Special mentions this week go to Gary for some great goalkeeping and excellent distribution. I heard that at training next week, Gary will be running a passing workshop for Finchy… Gary “Keeper” Bowen and Dan “Goals Goals Goals” Bedford came second in the MoM votes – so good job. It was also a close call with cock-ups this week, with Holah narrowly losing Fluffer for failing to block a shot from the opposition half – the ball sailing over his head and into the goal… In other news, new boy Rob got his first maddy for the club – his love affair with the woodwork putting him in a position to challenge Phil “I love wood” Richards.

Rob argued he got “lots of assists”… we all know that’s not a good enough excuse…

As for the stats, Bedford extends his lead at the top, with Nick in hot pursuit. Phil is having a bit of a goal drought having not scored in a while – meaning that despite not having played for many weeks, Oggy remains in the top 3. Having picked up two baffling majors this week, I have raced into the lead for the Catas Trophy. Holah is incensed and will be punching someone some time soon… SpongeRob PooPants is dead.

Until next time, here is the Maddy Club… They both look too happy…

Maddy club 30.3.16