Stats Democracy in action


May 14th stats

A slightly delayed stats update following an impressive spread vote for moment of the match. This follows a last minute (well, 10 seconds) defeat to Beckenham II’s (11-10).

Despite a magnificent come back in the 4th quarter which saw us level the game from 3 goals down, we were defeated by a last gasp goal. Having called a time out and scored from our man-up, we only had to defend for 12 seconds to tie the game. Unfortunately we didnt manage that and it was then too late to come back again. Despite some hit and miss passing in the first two quarters, our 4th quarter full press worked remarkably well, and in a game that saw 19 majors between both sides, our man-up/man-down tactics worked fairly well – the only way to improve is to train…

Man of the match was awarded to Nick “back in form” Shute who picked up 4 goals. He narrowly beat Bummage and Oggy who got 2 votes each. However, Fluffer award was also awarded to Nick – who following Oggy winning a major, decided to pass the ball straight to a Beckenham player, despite us having a 3 on 1. That being said, he only narrowly beat Matt “I’ll save anything as long it isn’t straight at me or from outside 5m” Finch. Moment of the match, for a long time was a 6 way tie, the nominees being:
– Floater swallowing half the pool in Q1
– Full press in the 4th Quarter (team)
– Ed winning a Swim off
– Ed winning a penalty (and Nick scoring it) – mostly Ed being in a position to win a penalty…
– Ogg scoring to tie the game
– Nick’s “other” pass – which led to a goal

However, with a Oggy no vote, we waited for Phil to cast the deciding vote. His response… “can’t really think of one…” – When pushed for a decision, he graciously chose me winning a swim-off. Thanks guys, its nice to be appreciated!!

Stats wise, Gary “Corporate Golfing trip” Bowen has found his form and is working his way up the scoring charts. I continue my bruising encounters with the Major king, whilst Nick maintains his position as top scorer. Having given away two penalties on Tuesday, Finch is the most aggressive keeper we have ever seen… be careful…

As a final note, the stats will now also be uploaded to the Narwhals website and can be found here ( As of next week, all reports will go online and I will only send out the link. Have a look at the site and enjoy!!

Until next time… Forza Narwhali!!