Socially Unacceptable


May 8th Stats

A bit of pre-tour stating for you. Definitely wont be used for fines later…

Yesterday saw us play Kingston III’s… no II’s… ok maybe they had a few first team players… with a shoe string 7. We lost 13-8 and although I hate to criticise referees… there were a “few” interesting decisions.

Chris Mann defied the advise of his physio to play yesterday and made some vital interventions playing in goal. For his efforts he was duly awarded Man of the Match, despite Dan “I only vote for myself” Bedford contributing 5 goals to yesterdays tally. He was however beaten 4 votes to 3. Fluffer was awarded to Matt “Bouncer” Finch for his 0/8 goal to shot ratio – all misses coming from over excited bounce shots. He narrowly beat Tim “Mr. Bump” Young who managed to fall of his bike twice…

Moment of the match was hotly contested. I got nominations for tackling the keeper and providing Dan with an assist (as well as winning another swim off), the whole team got nominations for a fine 3rd quarter, Chris got a vote for his goal keeping antics and our man-down defence also got a vote. However, not one to chase glory, I decided to give the moment of the match to our 3rd quarter revival – shame we couldnt maintain that in the 4th quarter…

Other incidents of note – Gary now has his scoring boots on having racked up 3 goals in 2 games. On the flip side, Nick “were you actually there” Shute managed to not score for the first time in living memory… better luck next time!! I continue to smash my way through the Major King competition. After two years of failure, could this be my year??

Next update to come post Beckenham. I’ll see you at the social!!

Forza Narwhali!!