Weeble Wobble, Weeble Wobble, Jelly on a plate… (can I eat that?)

Wednesday saw the Narwhals face off against Croydon III’s for a friendly match – allowing us to practise all the moves we learnt in training (what?) and fine tune those rusty refereeing/table skills (really?). Both objectives went really, really well… The final score was 13-9 to the mighty Narwhals.

June 17th Stats

We were temporarily reduced in numbers when we had three match day maddy’s in the shape of Simon “static attack” Tidy, Luke “Ealing Crabs” Penfold and John “Punchy” Holah – but this meant that Tadija “Tony” Popovic saw the opportunity to step up, giving us a hardy 10 for the match. 1 to ref, 1 to table, 1 to sub. It is fair to say that this game was dominated by one man and one man only. One man who so far had managed 3 maddies and 3 majors in 4 games up until that point – but finally, and to a standing ovation, Si “cheeky lob” Gateley finally broke his scoring duck and grabbed his first two goals for the team!! I am sure you are all very proud of him.

The goals were quite well distributed with all but 2 of the 10 scoring. We also ensured that no one picked up any maddy’s during the game, so good effort there too!! It was a slow start but we soon took advantage and pushed into a promising lead. It seems we got tired in the 4th quarter, giving away 5 goals…

Man of the Match this week almost unanimously goes to Si Gateley for finally breaking his goal scoring duck. Two goals and a sterling defensive display was enough to take the award. Not only that, but his cheeky lob also won moment of the match – so close, yet so far from a historic triple crown!!

Fluffer this week was hotly contested, but the outright winner, with 6 votes to 4 was Nick “can’t do 1 on 1’s” Shute for butchering a 1 on 1 at the death. He will dispute this, but democracy never throws up a decision we don’t like… He narrowly beat me for my missed 1 on 1 opportunity and my little end of game wobble. Funnily enough, the last time I saw the orange ball before it disappeared, it was sailing wide of the goal… who knows where it went next!!

So without a maddy club this week, all that’s left to say is… Forza Narwhali!!

Until next week!!