Not the hero you need, the hero you deserve!!

Afternoon all,

Wednesday saw WT Narwhals meet Avondale II’s in a re-match of the game played a few weeks ago. Through some fantastic individual performances the mighty Narwhals got revenge, emerging victors 8-5. Here are the stats:

June 10th Stats

The omens were good for the game as the Narwhals fielded a full 13 – plenty of subs at our disposal. Not only that, by Luke “Pendog” Penfold was making his first (and probably last) appearance of the season – added to the fact that my mum made an appearance and helped Sarah on the table. As you will soon see, the theory that bringing a fan to the game improves your performance definitely works!!

The match started off superbly with Ed “winning the swim-off” Gamble winning the swim-off. It is fair to say that we dominated the first half, but our shooting was wasteful, and some of our passing way off target. Two goals from messers Floater and Gimli left the score at 2-1 at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter went equally well, with Phil “back in form” Richards collecting a further two goals and Matt “wayward” Finch not conceding. We did well to nullify any attacking threat from the opposition but we were again wasteful in attack – seemingly scared to shoot, even when their keeper had been excluded… Q3 finished well again, with Shute, Holah and Richards all contributing, leaving the score at 7-2 going into the final quarter. All we had to do was use up the full 30 each time and it was impossible for us to lose… he says…

We then had a mini breakdown and let Avondale back into the game. In quick succession they had scored three goals, leaving the score at 7-5 with panic beginning to set in a little. What the Narwhals needed was a hero. What they needed was a man to step up and calm the nerves with a superbly taken counter and lob… Cometh the hour, cometh the man – and Ed “hero” Gamble stepped up to steady the ship. The score at 8-5, the Narhwals held firm and claimed victory!!

For his 4 goals and return to the green zone (leap frogging Oggy and Rob), Man of the Match this week went to Phil “Floater” Richards. An impressive goal haul and no sign of his love affair with the wood work!! Moment of the match was awarded to Ed “2 goal” Gamble for his superb second goal. It must be mentioned that a close second was the return of Pendog, who also narrowly beat John Holah’s goal.

Now fluffer… this was a hotly debated topic with several nominations. First up was Simon “Over the Bar” Gateley for two shots that sailed well over the cross bar, next came Matt “distribution” Finch was his interesting passing and finally we have John “Punchy” Holah for collecting another 3 major haul and putting a strong claim on that Catas Trophy. Even so, these men were all beaten this week by a man who thought he could escape the Portuguese Police, a man who committed a despicable, violent crime in order to avoid a mugshot, a man who’s recent form in front of goal seemingly deserted him… that’s right, fluffer this week is awarded to Rob “shit shot” Loveless – not only for his blatant last minute foul to avoid a maddy, but also for his wayward shooting…

Here’s the maddy club:

Avondale II Maddy Club


Also – I don’t know if you heard, but WT Narwhals won a trophy!! Officially Division 2 Thames League Champions 2015-2016. Who’s organising the open top bus tour through Croydon?

Trophy win