Full time Fluffer


April 30th Stats

A mid-afternoon stats report to take you through to the end of the day!!

Yesterday saw us lose 9-7 to Avondale II’s – a game we could have won were it not for some wayward shooting, some losses of concentration and a certain failed back pass (something I’ll get on to later). Our current record for the season is 8 wins and 3 loses, with a goal difference of +15. Not a bad tally for being a third of the way through the season!!

Man of the Match yesterday went to Nick “Poo-y bottom” Shute. Despite being “marked out the game” or so he claims, he managed to score 4 goals. As part of that tally, I can also tell you that he managed to score the teams 100th goal of the season!! Beers on Mr. Shute? Yesterdays game also saw the brief, hobbling return of Sheikh abu bin “ooooo my shins” Harwood. Unfortunately he got a maddie… maybe he should just focus on growing back those toe nails… On that note, yesterdays “Banter Prize” is awarded to everyone who mocked Stu before the start of the game. I personally enjoyed watching him hobble about!!

Fluffer was, for the second game running, unanimously awarded to me. In essence I passed the ball to an unmarked Alan Stitt and he scored. For Avondale. I’ll see myself out.

Moment of the match was awarded as a team effort. In the second half Avondale failed to score from a single man up. Our defense was solid and we were putting in some big blocks. Good effort guys – I’d like to say training is paying off, but seeing as no one is going… Other than that, some lapses in concentration cost us the game, myself included. Lets try and focus up for the next game!!

As for the stats chart, Nick continues to push out in front with 36 goals for the season. I have extended my lead as Major king and Tim “Bicep Canon” Young continues to slowly climb up the table. The big news from yesterday is that Gary has now recorded a goal, so can no longer take the title “Brutal”… upsettingly he now only has an exceptionally high brutality rating of 6.00. I think you have let everyone down Gary!!

Forza Narwhali!!